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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there from Jeff and I here at ThinkPress. This year, the developer in me knows to give thanks to the best personal and professional publishing system around, WordPress. We’ve been implementing it for our clients for a couple of years now and we couldn’t be happier with how […]

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Speed Up and Back Up Your WordPress Site

Two of the biggest problems you can have with any website is a slow site or a lost site (due to hacking or accidental deleting…). Luckily both of these issues can be solved with one great plug-in. WP-DBManager by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan will both back up your site’s database (and email it to you) and […]

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(Plugin) SpamShiv Lite

It’s now official. Our “Lite” version of the SpamShiv plugin is now hosted by the WordPress plugin directory. If you’re coming here to find out more about the plugin, take a minute to sign up for our mailing list. In exchange for your trust in us, we’ll give you your very own copy of our […]

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(Widget) Geocache Stat Bar

For all 5 of you who are both into Geocaching and into WordPress, we’ve built a simple little widget so you can display you Geocache Stat Bar as a widget in your WordPress theme’s sidebar!

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Gravatars – Be Somebody!

Are you tired of literally being a faceless commentor in the crowd?  Much like Navin R. Johnson you want to “be somebody!”  Since WordPress version 2.5, creating an avatar for yourself has become quite easy.  Currently, if you do not have a gravatar set up, you are given the generic avatar icon ().  But imaging […]

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Order Posts by a Custom Key

Just recently, we completed a website using WordPress for a realtor named Jon Dishon. One of his requests was to have his listing be ordered by price. Since we created his listings from simple posts with WordPresss’ Custom Keys, it was difficult for us to do this since Price is one of those keys. We […]

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Favicons for Your WordPress Site

From WordPress.org: A favicon (short for “favorites icon”) is an icon associated with a website or webpage that is intended to be used when you bookmark the page, browsers also use them, typically in the URL bar.

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Rotating Masthead Images

So you want to have masthead image rotating in the header (like this site).  This effect can be acheieve quite easily by taking the NextGEN Gallery plug-in to the next level. 

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WordPress on Your iPhone

If you use WordPress for all your blogging needs, and if you use the iPhone for all your phone/audio/video/mapping/calendering/pictures… needs, you may now marry the two technologies into one blissful unit. Blog directly from your phone (including pictures both from your picture library and camera roll)!

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WordPress 2.6.3 ships with a broken jQuery?

We’ve been adding a custom panel for the write post page for one of our clients and having the hardest time diagnosing the errors that we’ve been getting. It turns out that using the built-in jQuery library that ships with WordPress was the problem. We ended up having to download the library from the jQuery […]

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