From December 2008

Unbeknownst to you

You may have noticed a little hiccup earlier today with our site. If so, sorry about that. The good news is, we’re fully upgraded to the latest release of WordPress (2.7). The site should look and function the same to you, but underneath the hood, we’ve got the newest version of WordPress doing all the heavy lifting. We’re going to be playing around with it quite a bit over the next week and we’ll have a full report on our transition to the future of WordPress.

Easter comes early

I’ve been gradually getting sick over the last week, so I appologize for neglecting you. But good news! Since I have been a bit out of touch with reality and just kind of going through the motions, I ran across a little gem in the WordPress admin. I was working on recording a screencast covering the versioning capabilities in WordPress 2.6.5 for one of our clients, ChocoVivo, when I ran across an easter egg. Read more

(Widget) RSS Icon Widget

We had a client recently who want to be able to put a link to his rss feed in his sidebar. Visit Studio Light Room to check it out. Oddly enough we didn’t find anything readily available to do that without adding code to his theme files. We decided to create a little widget to handle this functionality. Read more