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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Skype Headset Giveaway Results

Congratulations go out to Josh Penrod of Amish Robot for entering our little giveaway and winning the Skype headset and 30 minutes of talk time. We’re looking forward to that “thank you” call Josh. For all of you who didn’t enter, let this be a lesson to you. Josh only took a few moments to […]

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Why Aren't the Dates Showing Up in My WordPress Posts?

If you are a prolific writer you may have this problem: You are looking at your archive, index or search page results and notice that not all your posts are showing their respective post dates.  What’s the deal with that? The deal is that the WordPress Loop will not print out the same day more […]

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Increase SEO Keywords in your Posts

Here’s another little tidbit I picked up from WordCamp.  This is comes to you from Matt Cutts.  (For credentials, Matt has a Ph.D., has been with Google since 2009 and is currently head of Google’s Webspam team.  So, I trust this tip.)  Granted, this is not a huge thing, but still every little bit helps.  […]

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Skype Headset Giveaway

At our recent trip to WordCamp San Francisco, we talked with lots of vendors, potential partners and Matt Mullenweg himself. One of the interesting vendors we talked with was MySpace. It turns out that they’ve got  new WordPress plugin and (like all other social networks) an API for connecting their platform with other platforms. We […]

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WordPress 2.8 Available Now

WordPress 2.8 is now available for download!  WordPress 2.8 is nicknamed “Baker” after jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. What you should notice from the begining is that this version of WordPress handles and works faster than previous versions. The nice folks at Automattic attribute this to how they have “changed the way WordPress does style and […]

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YSlow and Compress Components with GZip

With the Firebug add-on YSlow, one of the components that gets rated is something called Compress components with gzip. When you run YSlow to optimize your website or blog, you may be getting dinged on that component. Here is how to improve your site’s speed a bit – with two huge caveats: You web server […]

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Speed Up Your Website or Blog with YSlow

Brandon and I just got back from WordCamp in San Francisco. Boy howdy did we learn a lot of great tips and tricks for WordPress (and met a lot of great new people!).  One of the speakers I saw was Steve Souders, an originator of something called YSlow. So, here’s the first tip I’ll clue […]

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