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WPMU DEV Membership Plugin Error with WordPress 3.2


Last night when I upgraded to WordPress 3.2 on a site we’re working on, I got a WSoD on the front end of the site after I logged in. Luckily it was easy enough to fix.

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Building a Pluggable Plugin

A bunch of people missed my talk at WordCamp Los Angeles because I was scheduled at the same time as Alana Joy (warning: not safe for work) from Suicide Girls. I decided to post my slides over at SlideShare so that those who missed out could still benefit from them.

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Expanding the Twitter Post Loading Concept to WordPress

I read a great tutorial over at NetTuts today that showed how to create a “Twitter-Like ‘load more’” button. It was grounded in WordPress, yet the author David Walsh wanted to keep it general so that anyone could integrate the functionality into their PHP code. He got his hands a bit dirty by accessing the […]

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Take Control Over Post Ordering With Custom Keys

Ok. So, the most visited posts on this site all have to do with ordering posts by custom keys (here & here). We wrote some functions that made this super easy. Just copy/paste and you were ready to go. Well, we came across a little gem on the WordPress Codex that greatly simplifies this process.

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Order Posts by Custom Key revisited

I’ve gotten quite a few questions about how to get this to work on a specific page, or only within a specific category. I actually had the same issue when building the script originally. The trick is that you can’t just use the conditional tags in the functions page. At that point, it’s already too […]

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Order Posts by a Custom Key

Just recently, we completed a website using WordPress for a realtor named Jon Dishon. One of his requests was to have his listing be ordered by price. Since we created his listings from simple posts with WordPresss’ Custom Keys, it was difficult for us to do this since Price is one of those keys. We […]

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WordPress 2.6.3 ships with a broken jQuery?

We’ve been adding a custom panel for the write post page for one of our clients and having the hardest time diagnosing the errors that we’ve been getting. It turns out that using the built-in jQuery library that ships with WordPress was the problem. We ended up having to download the library from the jQuery […]

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