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Sency – Real Time Search

Sency - Real Time Search

Sency is a real-time search engine. While the service is still in its infancy, I think it has the potential to become a big player in the search industry. My initial reactions to the service were of the “so what” nature, but after talking through the goal of the service with the founder, Evan Britton, I’ve changed my tune a little bit. This service differs from Google in that it’s not really a web search engine. It’s more of a conversation search engine. The interface mimics a “dressed up Google”, but the functionality couldn’t be more different.

Sency searches the web (predominately Twitter at this point) for conversations related to your keyword search. Not only does it filter out a lot of the junk that comes through Twitter, it actually separates the most popular links for that search term throughout the day so you can see what’s most popular at any given time.

Pretty cool, eh?

Well, we think it’s going to catch on, so we built a plugin that lets you put Sency search results in your WordPress sidebar.

Download [download id=”10″ format=”1″] Update: This plugin is now hosted at the Plugin Directory

(Widget) RSS Icon Widget

We had a client recently who want to be able to put a link to his rss feed in his sidebar. Visit Studio Light Room to check it out. Oddly enough we didn’t find anything readily available to do that without adding code to his theme files. We decided to create a little widget to handle this functionality. Read more

(Widget) XBOX Live Gamer Card

Back in 2006, I created a plugin to display my XBOX Live Gamer Card on my website. There are some other plugins like this now, but this one is the original baby! You can use this widget in any widget enabled theme (most of them are these days) to display the official XBOX Live Gamer Card on your site. We’re bringing back this plugin as a FREE download for the sake of nostalgia. The only catch is that you have to login to this site before you can download it. Registration is FREE and only takes a minute. Bah…go ahead and have it.