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Sency – Real Time Search

Sency is a real-time search engine. While the service is still in its infancy, I think it has the potential to become a big player in the search industry. My initial reactions to the service were of the “so what” nature, but after talking through the goal of the service with the founder, Evan Britton, […]

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(Widget) RSS Icon Widget

We had a client recently who want to be able to put a link to his rss feed in his sidebar. Visit Studio Light Room to check it out. Oddly enough we didn’t find anything readily available to do that without adding code to his theme files. We decided to create a little widget to […]

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(Widget) Geocache Stat Bar

For all 5 of you who are both into Geocaching and into WordPress, we’ve built a simple little widget so you can display you Geocache Stat Bar as a widget in your WordPress theme’s sidebar!

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(Widget) XBOX Live Gamer Card

Back in 2006, I created a plugin to display my XBOX Live Gamer Card on my website. There are some other plugins like this now, but this one is the original baby! You can use this widget in any widget enabled theme (most of them are these days) to display the official XBOX Live Gamer […]

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